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Hair Designs on Hawthorne

1622 S Hawthorne Rd, Ste 7

Winston-Salem, NC

Direct Line: 336-608-2681

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ThereseTherese was born and raised in Wilmington, NC where she grew to have a love for art, music, film and anything cultural. She worked for over a decade in the thriving film industry around Wilmington, working with some of the industry's most famous actors and directors to produce hundreds of the best films to come out of our state. Her unique and tasteful sense of fashion and style was influenced in these early days.

Therese left Wilmington for family reasons and came to the Burlington area, where she pursued education in the cosmetology field. She found a true passion and learned to view hair as her artistic "palette," and a hair style as her work of art. She is able to express her creativity when she creates style and color, and is known for finding ways to bring out a person's true nature and character. Meanwhile, her attention to detail and precision pays off. You won't leave her chair until she and you are totally satisfied! Therese then moved to Lexington to start a life with her husband, Scott, where they share their love of art, music, and vintage items.

Therese has also nurtured a music career over the years, writing music and singing in a variety of bands. Her music even led her to an international tour to entertain our armed forces. Her current band is West Trinity, and performs in the Burlington and Triangle areas.

Therese's warm and caring personality shines through in everything she does. Contact Her today to make an appointment.