Shampoo/Cut/Style $35
Wet Design $28


Shampoo/Cut/Style $22
Wet Design $20
Clipper Cut $17

Children (12 & under)

Child Shampoo/Cut/Style $22
Child Wet Design $18


Shampoo & Style $28
Bridal Updo/Special Style $55 & up

Hair Color


  1. - gives natural looking red highlights to brown hair (appearing auburn)
  2. - Permanent red color for white hair
  3. - does not lighten hair, deposits color only.
  4. - adds silkiness and shine
  5. - NO chemicals
**Therese only uses natural products like tea, coffee, honey, lavender, apple cider vinegar with 100% pure henna (no indigo)

Coming Soon: Therese is currently experimenting with other natural methods of coloring and toning hair like berries, flowers, and other staining plants. Look for updates in the very near future!

All-over Natural Henna Color$75 & up
Root Touch-up $65 & up

Hair Color

First-time color clients that have previously had their hair dyed may need color correction. I am a perfectionist and will make and spend the necessary amount of time to give you a natural look. Please be aware that there may need to be a second process to tone if previous pigments (especially over-the-counter color products) produce undesired effects.

Many clients will need a glaze, "clear coat," to protect the color and make the hair feel less damaged. Glaze and toning increase color cost slightly. Additional processes, such as repeating color due to previous applications by other stylists or yourself will increase cost by 50% of that service cost.

Note:"& up" is determined by hair length, thickness, time, and amount of product needed.


All-over $70 & up
Retouch $65 & up


Full $95 & up
Partial $75 & up


As single service$55 & up
Added to any color process $10

Color Correction

Color Correction by Consultation

Hair Treatments

Perms and Straightening

Perms $70 & up
Spiral perms - long hair $100 & up
Straightening / Relaxer $85 & up

Japanese Straightening

and similar techniques $150 & up

(Note: These techniques take several hours depending on length of hair. Clients need to expect to spend a MINIMUM of 2 hours, and sometimes up to 6 to achieve best results. Option to have an additional stylist assist to reduce time, but will increase $75 hourly fee to $100)


Conditioning Treatment (with style) $28
Oil Treatment (with style) $28
Scalp Treatment (with style) $28

(These services $20 without style)

Other Servies

Lash & Brow

Lash Tinting $15
Lashes added to any service $10
Brow Tinting $15
Brows added to color service $5

Facial Waxing

Natural looking brows, and attention to sensitive skin are my waxing specialty.

Brow $10
Upper Lip $10
Top/Bottom Lip $15
Chin $10
Cheeks $15

(Special rate on multiple areas.)